The stabilized panoramic heads
Active Head Resize New

Gyro-stabilized head Active Head Resize New is the second generation of the gyro-stabilized platforms such as Active Head Resize.

This generation of digital heads has a high stabilization level, accessible interface and new capabilities, such as:

· axis position indication;

· memory function, which allows you to save presets with different types of cameras and lenses.

New design of stabilized panoramic head has solid and reliable construction while provide roll axis rotation 720 degrees.

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Active Head Resize New

Fast and effective rebalancing and calibration;

Quick assembly;

Handwheels, Joystick and Pan Bar are available;

Сontrol capability by cable or wireless Compatible with a large variety of high profile camera types like (ARRI, RED, SONY, PANAVISION and etc.)

Active Head Resize New

Height  max/min

882 mm/ 777 mm (34.72 in/30.6 in)


657 mm (25.87 in)

Depth  max

392 mm (15.43 in)

Power supply AC

(90 – 264)V

Power supply DC

(24 – 60)V


50-60 Hz

Power consumption

200 W

Max power consumption

600 W

Pan angular speed (max)

210 deg/sec

Tilt angular speed (max)

210 deg/sec

Roll angular speed (max)

210 deg/sec


28 kg (61 lb 11 oz)

Maximum usable focal length

250 mm (9.85 in)

Active Head Resize New
Active Head Resize New