3D Active Cam

3D Active Cam

The cable system «Active Cam» is intended for moving of an object in space points defined  in coordinates X, Y, Z (3D variant) or X, Y (2D variant).

There are such relocatable objects as:

  • the gyro-stabilized remote head Active Head (complete with camera);
  • the actor, the stuntman (creation of combined shootings and flight effect);
  • elements of scenery, screens, etc. (for creation of powerful visual effects in auditorium).

The trajectory of the object can be either programmed (in repeat mode recorded trajectories up to 999) or manual control.

The level of development of equipment complies with international standards and modern Technologies.

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Additional information

Working diagonal

150m(492 ft 1 in)

Distance between fixing points

Up to 250m (820 ft 2 in)


Up to 10m/s (in any direction)

Power consumption per winch


Quantity of winches

5 (4 — bearing, 1 — with fo cable)

Rated load on the central slide

100 kg(220 lb 7 oz)

Weight of panoramic head + camera and servo-drivers + electronics

48 kg

Total power supplies

50 kW (3h-phase – 380 V)


All types of cameras and optics in the range of dimensions and weight characteristics of Canon MARK2(810grams + optics) to ARRI ALEXA 435 or 3D rig up to 40 kg (88 lb 3 oz.)

Interface of control

RS-232, RS-485, RS-422