«Active Dolly»

«Active Dolly»

Remotely controlled camera dolly «Active dolly» is a platform that provides straight movement on a rail pattern with the help of programmable controlled winches. Motion shooting of sport and movies is available with the help of this platform that provides stable picture in every case.


  • Higher speed  opportunities;
  • Better quality of picture comparing to a hand truck

Additional information

Platform dimensions

1300mm х 668mm (4 ft 3 in x 2 ft 2 in)

Width of the rail track

500mm(1 ft 7 in )

Operation corridor size

1000mm(3 ft 3 in )

Power supply

380V 3phases 30kWmax

Maximum speed

8-15m/s (26-49 fps)

Maximum acceleration

3 m/(s²) (9.85 fps)

Allowable slope of the installation ground


Maximum/minimum temperature

313/233 К; (+40/-30)°С

Relative air humidity