Arm by OperTec

Arm by OperTec

Arm by OperTec is remotely gyro-stabilized camera crane, which may fulfill highest demands of operator.  Fully stabilized boom guarantees smoothest shot and stable picture on rough terrain.

Arm by OperTec is wheather-resistant and can be used in most challenging conditions. Lightweight and compact, and easy for setup on various platforms.

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  • Gyro – stabilized Tilt and Pan
  • Shooting in-motion
  • Stable image while driving which is provided by the system Active Head
  • Fully controlled from camera car
  • Change of shooting location without disassembly

This model fits for all tracking vehicles, any size camera cars, electric cars, trains, boats to be able perform on narrow roads, small sized sets, tunnels, parking garages, bridges etc.

Can be used with all types of Gyro-stabilized systems Active head

Additional information

Arm length variety

3,5 m / 4,3 m / 5,3m / 6,3m

Angle of vertical tilt movement

+25°, -35°

Operated at speed over

90 °/sec

Power supply DC

48V DC (2KW peak)

Total weight

400 kg

Max. payload

55 kg