MovieBird is a brand new generation of camera cranes.

Each of the two models allows:

  • Movement memory;
  • Preprogramming of the stop points;
  • Capability of mounting on rails;
  • Overturn of the panoramic head upwards, which contributes highly to elevation of the camera optic axis and possibility to make 360° panoramic shots from the top point.

Besides, any of the specified models may be mounted on the vehicles, which allows obtaining indispensable dynamic shots while moving.



* recommended for use with ACTIVE HEAD gyro-stabilized panoramic heads

Both telescopic cranes are supplied with special rain covers, which allows using the cranes in  rainy weather.


Additional information

Maximum height

6.9 m (22 ft 8 in)

Maximum telescopic range

6.7 m (22 ft)

Maximum speed

1.3 m /sec (4 ft 3 in per sec.)

Maximum camera weight

35 kg (77 lb 2 oz.)

Overall weight

700 kg (1543 lb 4 oz.)