StarCam MK II

StarCam MK II


  • The Egripment StarCam is made of strong, square aluminum tubes, in combination with stainless steel reinforcement points.
  • The individual elements are guided in square, synthetic bearings, offering high strength with a minimal friction.
  • The sections are connected with non-corrosive steel cables.
  • The all new StarCam MKII has increased payloads at this moment, 60 kg | 132 lbs in hanged form and up to 75 kg| 165 lbs in normal operation and still fulfills even the strongest safety demands.
  • The StarCam can easily be operated by one person, by joystick or foot pedal.
  • The StarCam is combined with gyro-stabilized platform such as Active Head.


The Egripment StarCam MKII is the latest version of the Egripment StarCam Tower Product Line.

Evolutionary improvements are based on the classic StarCam System with the possibility to use the column either upright or hanging – all in one unit.

Additional information

Lensheight (out)

5,47 m (18 ft 10 in)

Lensheight (in)

2,47 m (8 ft 1 in)


1m/s(3.28 fps)


100 kg (220 lb 7 oz.)


60 kg – 75 kg (132 lb – 165 lb)

Width of the rail track

620mm (2 ft)

Operation corridor size

1200mm (3 ft 11 in)

Distance between the girder and the optical axis

3200mm (10 ft 6 in)


230 V AC

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