SteelBoy 15

SteelBoy 15

SteelBoy is a new generation of camera cranes. SteelBoy being lighter and easy to dismantle and reassemble is ideal for use on small and large sound stages, also because of its rigidity it is perfect for usage on a tracking vehicle. The crane can be mounted to any platform via standard Mitchell flat base. The crane can take power from AC or DC (battery) sources.



  • Quick assembly
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Fast and effective rebalancing and calibration
  • AC and DC powering
  • Straight line compensation and pan compensation

Additional information

Max Lens height

6m (19.7 ft)

Max telescopic extent

3.1m (10.2 ft)

Max payload with camera

50kg (110.2 lb)

Max speed

1.3 m/s
1.9 m/s(by request)