• Higher speed opportunities and better quality of picture comparing to a hard truck;
  • Quick assembling;
  • Easy transportation;
  • Precise and simple remote control;
  • Safety


Remotely controlled camera dolly “Stels” is platform that provide straight or radius movement on a rail pattern with simultaneous sinking and lifting of a stabilized panoramic head.

This new generation of remote-controlled platforms with advanced technologies.

To improve safety, dolly is equipped with electronic-parts and monitoring system of the track, an automatic lift with smooth change of lifting speeds.

Additional information

Platform dimensions

1425 mm x 605mm (4 ft 8 in x 2 ft)

Width of the rail track

500mm (1 ft 7 in)

Operation corridor size

1000mm (3 ft 3 in)

Power supply

180- 264 V 12A@220V

Maximum speed


Maximum acceleration


Allowable slope of the installation

Maximum/minimum temperature

(+40/-20)° C

Relative air humidity