• Choice of speed ranges;
  • Movement memory;
  • Programming start and stop points;
  • Capability of mounting on rails;
  • Possibility to overturn panoramic head, what increases the height of the optical axis;
  • Special rain cover, which allows using the crane in  rainy weather;


The MB52 is an extended version of MB45 mostly suitable for TV studio as this crane maximum load is up to 40kg. MB52 has the same dolly ‚footprint’ as the smaller MB30 crane. Owing to the cranes small weight and size when disassembled it can be transported in a standard 16 ton truck or a bespoke trailer.


Additional information

Max. nose load:

40kg / 88 lbs

Max. extension speed:

2 m/s

Arm weight with Yoke:

680 kg / 1500 lbs

Base weight:

300kg / 660 lbs

One counterweight:

15kg / 33 lbs

Crane weight incl. counterweights:

1700 kg / 3750 lbs