TOWERCAM TWIN-PEEK is a remote controlled, dynamic telescoping camera lift, that can work both vertically and horizontally – can be placed on a horizontal surface (land, scene, etc.) Also, the system can operate upside down, fastened to the aluminum traverse systems (farms). The  lift runs very smooth and almost silent while telescoping in and out – in upright or inverted position.

The system can be used both in static and dynamic version. The dynamic version has three types of performance:

Wheel base – to move around the area, to change the point location.
Rail base on the floor – to combine both horizontal and vertical camera movement. The movement on the rails is also provided remotely.
Rail base on the ceiling.
The rails are fastened to the aluminum traverse systems (farms).

One of the main advantages of the system is that it can be operated by only one person.

Towercam TWIN-PEEK is combined with gyro-stabilized platform such as Active Head.